Things to Do in Trujillo Peru

There are a variety of things to do in Trujillo Peru. Known as the “City of Eternal Spring,” Trujillo is Peru’s third largest city. The area was a significant settling ground for ancient cultures and was one of the first cities that the Spanish conquerers established in the Americas. Trujillo is the capital of the Marinera dance and Peruvian El Paso horse breeding, and was the center of the ancient Chimú culture.

The Top 5 Things to Do In Trujillo Peru Are:

1) Chan Chan

The ancient capital of the Chimú Kingdom, Chan Chan is the largest adobe city in the world. The Incas conquered the Chimús in 1470 AD, and Chan Chan is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its huge walls divide the city into several palaces.

2) The Witch’s Complex (El Complejo del Brujo)

El Brujo is the name of a Moche culture complex, and was a major religious center between the first and seventh centuries AD. The three main temples are the Huaca Prieta, Huaco Cao Viejo and Huaca El Brujo. The ceremonial temple shows evidence of human sacrifice and a 1,500 year-old tattooed mummy of a young woman was recently discovered.

3) City Tour

The city tour in Trujillo’s historical district includes visits to old colonial mansions, the Spanish Cathedral with its collection of paintings from the Quito School, the Monastery of El Carmen and the Art Museum. Some city tours offer an extension to visit Huanchaco Beach, which hosts surfing championships every March.

4) Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon

Belonging to the Moche Culture (100-800 AD), these were ceremonial centers in which people offered sacrifices to their god. The Temple of the Sun has 6 levels. It is considered to be the longest pyramid in Peru. The Temple of the Moon has 9 levels. It is a monument comprised of overlapping temples built during different periods.

5) A Paso Farm

Trujillo and Ica are disputed to be the best worldwide breeders on the world-famous Step Horses (Caballos de Paso). The Spanish horse was crossed with the Arab horse and raised in Peru’s desert for 300 years. Now the Peruvian Caballo de Paso is the most beautiful of its kind.

Trujillo tourism is not limited to just archaeological sites and Spanish colonial treasures. Although it is a major commercial city, Trujillo maintains an excellent charm and elegance.

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