Patagonias geography offers countless adventure opportunities

Article by Henry Arnault

No matter how popular it is with travelers, the vastness of Patagonia continues to establish the area as one of the wildest in the world. The incredible arctic landscapes are to die for, and the geography offers countless adventure opportunities for the best adrenaline rushes. Among coveted destinations such as Puerto Madryn, El Calafate, El Chalten, and Ushuaia, Barioloche is highly suggested stop for any Argentina vacation.

Bariloche is one of the more northern cities in Argentina’s Patagonia, making it much easier to access and pair with the country’s other top sights such as Mendoza, Buenos Aires, and Córdoba. Situated at the country’s western border, Barioloche is also easy to get to from southern Chile. The population is a modestly little more than 100,000 and was once a major vacation spot for wealthy, elite Argentines. Today, it is frequented by people of all levels and backgrounds, predominantly Europeans and Brazilians. What do they do in Bariloche? Ski! Cerro Catedral boasts itself as the largest ski center in South America, and the best time to visit is during the Argentine winter, which is actually the summer season in the northern hemisphere. The resort is a mere 12 miles from Bariloche, making it a great daytrip or weekend retreat if you are short on time.

Another popular pastime for visitors to this area of Patagonia is trekking. There are a number of fantastic peaks to ascend to get grand panoramic views of Bariloche and its surrounding lands. Cerro Campanario is good for mixed groups; the active can hike to the summit, and those who would rather take it easy can enjoy the ski lift. Cerro Frey is another high point to visit, largely regarded as one of the best journeys around Bariloche. Finally, Cerro Tronador hosts what is known as a black glacier, and a wonderful waterfall. This national park is truly delightful and the light hike to the main sights are all incredibly scenic, so be sure to bring your camera! Overall, trekking around this region is stunning and breathtaking from any and all angles.


Additional trips one could embark on as part of Argentina travel packages are to the Llao Llao Peninsula for spectacular views of Lago Moreno Oueste, Nahuel Huapi National Park for a day of unbelievable beauty, and Circuito Chico for biking around the nearby lakes, villages, and more. The city also has museums to suit your tastes, such as the Museo de la Patagonia which presents and explains this part of Patagonia’s heritage and status.

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