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Machu Picchu travel trips are an adventure of a lifetime! This high elevation climb is easier if you have the right gear. Before you set off to Peru, you’ll need to gather many essential items.Your hiking shoes should be broken in and waterproof. Carrying a small foot care kit and your favorite snacks will make your hiking experience more pleasant. Hiking pants that “zip off” into shorts or cropped pants are handy.Well, some of you need tour operators, some of you do not. If you are planning to visit Machu Picchu, stay in Aguas Calientes ( I wrote down about Aguas Calientes in detail below) one or two nights, you do not need a tour operators. But if you are planning to hike Inca trail, then you need a tour operator. As per new law, only licensed tour operators can operate in Inca trail. There is exception for those who want to go independently, but they have to carry their own equipment, luggage, food and tents, so it is not practical to go to hike Inca trail without tour operators.

It was confirmed as a The Country’s Historical Attraction in the early part of the 20th Century and garnered a distinction as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since the Machu Picchu was not plundered and destroyed by the colonizing Spaniards, its structure remained intact and became an important cultural location and is measured as a consecrated location based on the Incan’s religion. Machu Picchu was acknowledged as a part of the New Seven Wonders of the World throughout a telephone and online polls accomplished by the New7Wonders foundation.Machu Picchu is divided in two areas: the agricultural area which includes large Inca terraces, and the urban area which is the place where the Incas lived and organized their religious and civil activities. The latter has indeed two sectors: Hanan, “High Sector”, inhabited by the Inca and his descendants and Urin, “Low Sector”, destined to the rest of the population.

The train then descends into the Sacred Valley and the foothills of the Andes, along the Urubamba River, passing through a beautiful landscape packed with typical Andean crops and grasslands, herds of llamas, and colourful villages. Many old Inca buildings and archaeological sites can be seen along the journey, in particular the magnificent Wiay Wayna ruins and Q’ente (hummingbird in Quechua), amidst a lush vegetation where a nearby waterfall attracts oversize hummingbirds and colourful flowers blossom all the time.Although the ancient Incans left behind no writing to tell us about this “wonder of the world,” modern archeologists have solved many of its riddles by examining clues left in the stone and earth. We now know that Machu Picchu was a royal estate constructed around 1460, when the Incan Empire was at its height.

Touring the ruins can be done in about a day, although some visitors opt to stay longer to absorb the surroundings and to further explore the area. Area tour guides will be glad to lead you through the ruins and explain what is known about the mysterious ruins. In Machu Picchu, you’re not too far from basic needs either.

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Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is considered as one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of South American civilization with the ancient Inca city which is situated between the crest of two mountains along the Peruvian Andes at more than 2,400 meters above sea level. Remaining of an ancient culture consisting of alcoves, terraces, plazas, and temples makes this ancient city the premiere archaeological site of South America. When you come to there, a city  like a dream makes you suprise. Because  the inhabitants of the place and the priests and Inca royalty made the existence of the city possible in the 1400s.


Machu Picchu was said to be a citadel whose impregnable position is made possible by the steep canyon walls that lies beyond the edge of the city. The only access to the city is by way of narrow ridges that have to pass over the mountains before getting into the ancient site. Another access point is by way of bridges made from felled logs. The logs cross a narrow chasm and could be withdrawn anytime if security of the citadel warrants it.


While the normal tourist route is just within the confines of the city, it is possible to revisit these choke points in order to appreciate how invulnerable Machu Picchu was to the standards of warfare that existed then. Tourists who posses the requisite Type T personality can take a 20 minute long trail that is officially off-limits to most visitors. In fact a sign that says prohibido el paso marks the end of the normal tourist trail. Past this sign, the trail snakes all the way down and become insanely narrow. Midway along this trail, those who have made it this far will come across the narrow chasm that was once bridged by tree trunks and could be withdrawn anytime by the Inca guards who were assigned there.


Like the ancient pyramids of Egypt, the stone blocks that are used to construct the buildings of Machu Picchu are surely to create statements of incredulity. The Inca at the 1400s did not possess iron tools although they had knowledge of making bronze implements. Large teams of laborers dragged these blocks from adjacent quarries. They used the ridges and ramps to position them on their present locations. Archaeological finds give us a clue on how the Inca must have reduced the rocks to manageable sizes. Quarrymen inserted bronze chisels into cracks and fissures that occur naturally in the stone. Heat was applied to the metal and this helped split the boulders into workable sizes. Each rock was painstakingly chosen so that when these are finally put in place, the gap between rocks is so narrow that even a razor blade wouldn’t fit between them.


The location of Machu Picchu gives us hints into its creation. The mountains where the ancient city is located were considered sacred by the Inca. The position of the sun during equinox could be estimated using the natural landmarks present in the vicinity. At the center of the city is a pyramidal mount called the Intihuatna and on top of it stands an obelisk. Inca priest believed that the sun has to be lassoed and hitched to the obelisk after each winter solstice so that it wouldn’t continue on its present course and leave the city in darkness. Intihuatna in the dialect of the Inca means “hitching post of the sun”. The sun is sacred to the Inca and is one of their deities. The view east and west of the city presents a vista that gives Inca priests wide opportunities to observe the sun.


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Tanzania Safari – An Intriguing Adventure Destination

Article by Edward Muwonge


Are you fond of safari travel? Tanzania is one good choice. The country boasts beautiful landscapes to enjoy the scenes. Not only does Tanzania offer beautiful landscapes but also Serengeti as well as other national parks are full of a wide array of wildlife. A combination of the wildlife, attractive landscapes and pleasant people make Tanzania safari an intriguing adventure destination. Serengeti National Park has the greatest wildlife concentration on earth, creating it the top destination within the nation.
In addition to this, the park has the best annual wildebeest migration, zebras and other wild animals. Being the biggest nation in East African, Tanzania has numerous parks with ample wildlife, which gives travelers a selection of options. Serengeti is the largest along with the most famous park in the country. It occupies an area of 14,763 square kilometers. Safari visitors are assured to find out the big five namely lion, leopard, buffalo, leopard and elephant.
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Katavi National Park is one of Tanzania all-natural and beautiful landscape. This park is situated around the South-western facet of the country near Mpanda and it has an area of 2,253 square kilometers. The park has the largest buffalo herd inside the country and in addition in East Africa. This region is also a birders paradise, where more than 400 varieties of birds have already been recorded. July to October is the most beneficial time to tour the park.


For all those visitors thinking about chimpanzee trekking, Mahale Mountains National Park is the best destination to go. Located in Western Tanzania close to Kigoma, this park spans over an area of about 1,600 square kilometers. Other wild animals you might be guaranteed to find out include zebra, lion, elephant, giraffe plus the buffalo. Game viewing could be done by either boat or foot.


Lake Manyara National park is well-known for viewing the tree climbing lions. This lake is an ideal home for millions of flamingo birds and other distinct bird species. The lake is located in the Good Rift Valley close to Arusha. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is an additional famous park ideal for game viewing. This area has ample wildlife like: elephant, lion, wildebeest, leopard, gazelle, zebra, hyena and rhino.

During your safari to Tanzania you can attempt climbing Mount Kilimanjaro which is the highest peak in Africa. Several Tanzania tour operators, safari guides, cooks as well as other certified agents will make your safari a total journey by way of their companies in various fields.


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