South Africas Diversity

Article by Nick Powzak

South Africa has risen to become a popular tourist destination with people from all over the world. It is likely to be the most diverse country in terms of geography and people one will ever experience. Its geography can go from fertile plains, savannas, deserts and huge mountainous regions such as the Drakensberg Mountains. These landscapes has paved the way for the country to offer a wide range of holidays include game reserves, relaxation and activities. The South Africa vacation home rental market is also varied as in locations there could be numerous bed and breakfast accommodations or modern apartments.

South Africa is located at the southern tip of the African content and it borders numerous African countries such as Mozambique and Zimbabwe as well as the Atlantic and Indian oceans. The country has three capitals, Pretoria acts as the executive capital, Cape Town is the legislative capital and Bloemfontein is the judicial capital. Cape Town in particular is a fascinating city offering amazing cultural and diverse experiences with world famous scenery. Its warm climate has made it the most popular tourist attraction in South Africa. Attractions such as Table Mountain and its adjacent national park attract millions of visitors every year. Cape Town also has some beautiful beaches where tourists can relax and sunbathe; Cape Town beach villas are available on a rental basis nearby. If you would like to take in more of the city life, there are also Cape Town apartment rentals available in this modern and thriving city.

If you are looking for a slower pace of life, maybe you should experience the stunning village of Hout Bay which has a nice harbour, people from foreign countries and local people take breaks in this area. There are numerous local Hout Bay bed and breakfast accommodations with friendly owner who will be only too happy to care for you.

South Africa is packed with national reserves and big game wildlife parks, visitors can participate in guided tours and see some astonishing creatures you may have only seen on the television before, if you would be interested in this type of vacation then maybe a South Africa cabin rental or some sort of South Africa vacation home rental would be advantageous due to the flexibility they offer.

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